Over time, we have collected the most popular questions asked about our products.

This FAQ-Area addresses the most common questions and issues that our customers ask about.

We have 100% original software. The Licenses have never been used and the software will be allowed to be updated. We guarantee all our products.


Q: I already paid through PayPal, when do I get the digital delivery?

A: Thank you for purchasing genuine products from us. The key will be sent to your account registered email within 24hrs after the transaction. Please ensure your registered email with us is working. If you don’t get the key in 24 hours, please feel free to Contact us anytime with your order id.

Q: Is this a trial key or OEM key ? No, this is lifetime use and update key.

Q: Where was the key/license issued from?

A: These are issued directly from the original company e.g. Microsoft.

Q: Is this a legitimate key/license?

A: Yes, all keys are guaranteed legitimate and 100% authentic.

Q: Has this key/license ever been issued to anyone else or previously been activated?

A: No, it has never been used by any other person. It is a brand new license from the original Company. Every user gets a unique license.

Q: Will MS-Windows pass the WGA (Windows Genuine advantage) authentication?

A: Yes, it will pass as it is issued directly from the original company e.g. Microsoft.

Q: Will this have genuine updates?

A: Yes, it will have genuine updates.

Q: How do I install software without DVD retail?

A: We will send you a download link after your successful purchase.

Q: What is your refund policy?

A: You will get 100% Refund if product does not work or gives you face authenticity license issues.

Q: What’s payment you accept?

A: We accept PayPal only, read more on Payments page.

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